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Welcoming all of those who share our faith, Chosen Clothing offers hand-printed clothes that reflect our love for Jesus Christ. Each piece is made with care and intentionality as a reflection of our faith and mission. We believe that fashion is an excellent platform to spread the word of our Lord and inspire others to live their faith boldly. Our clothing collections are designed with the highest attention to detail and are perfect for anyone who wants to spread the word and look good while doing so. We believe in practicing what we preach and as we are on this journey of spreading the word, we also are trying our best to better ourselves. We believe everyone is imperfect, but we are all just human which is why we must not get caught up in worldly desires, our garments are meant to display God wherever we are, to remind those around us to find faith and to better ourselves. The foundation of this brand was built upon the verse "For many are called but few are Chosen" -Matthew 22:14. This verse reminds us that we are all called by the lord, but we must follow Christ to become Chosen. We should all strive to be Christ-like and remember that he is the way, the truth, and the life. For any questions or help please feel free to contact us. Thank You!

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